Portal Training

AdvancedMD is a top-rated company that offers an enormous number of software solutions that include a scenario management solution. This online portal is specially brought into the introduction for doctors, and it enables the users to access their entire practice through a single connection interface. Registering on the official AdvancedMD Login portal is quite easy for every registered user.

AdvancedMD Portal Training

AdvancedMD’s implementation and training costs are higher than your basic software subscription costs. Numerous tiers depend on the particular needs and budget of your doctor’s office. Three basic training plans accompany the company:

Level-1 Training: This limited level of training incorporates installation and two hours of training. This option is intended for a small business with experienced employees who desire to complete most of their training using the AdvancedMD webinars.

Level-2 Training: The standard level builds on the first level and offers an additional two hours of training. It also incorporates built-in training tracking, a video training library, help materials, integration webinar series, implementation hotline, collaboration with partner interfaces, post-use monitoring, and a dedicated implementation specialist.

Level-3 Training: Complete level is added per configuration along with 12 hours of product training. It is recommended for full custom system implementation practices that require employees to understand all aspects of the software.

For AdvancedMD, implementation and training can take eight to eleven weeks from when the company receives insurance proof. Therefore, it becomes important to allow enough time to ensure that the system is fully operational and that your personnel is properly trained. Remember, proper training is the only way to achieve perfection.

AdvancedMD Login is a unique electronic health record (EMR) software. The system is extremely flexible and advanced and offers multiple packages at affordable prices. It works according to each user’s needs and provides powerful and useful resources for the doctor’s office.